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Brazilian Man to Marry Pet Goat in Satanic Ceremony


Via Oddity Central:

Aparecido Castaldo, a retired stone cutter from Jundiai, Brazil has decided to marry his beloved Carmella, a goat. Because no Christian minister would agree to perform the marriage ceremony, the two will be wed by a known satanic leader, in the Church of the Devil.


See also, When Your Love for Goats Crosses the Line.

Kid on pig action


Goat good with tongue



Runaway Goat Captured By Former African Goat Herder In Brooklyn


P.S. we are back in NYC now.

Goat Shadow Puppet


We were in Palermo last week & while we didn’t see any goats, we did see a few goat puppets, including this one from Indonesia:

Monkey riding a goat


Colored Goats of Kabul


The Pakistani goats in the previous post might have been larger, but these Afghani goats are far more stylish.

afghani colored goats

(they actually paint them this way for identification purposes… hey, beats branding by scarring with a hot iron).

Some Goat, all 291 Kilos worth


(via the Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog)


Theodore Caught Up In Doping Scandal


Tests carried out on Theodore’s urine revealed traces of ractopamine, a muscle growth additive approved by the federal government for use by swine but not goats.

Not only was he doped, but apparently he was shaved. What an obscene indignity!

Goat Backpack