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Bibi Malae


We’ve been in Timor-Leste for a few weeks now & although we’ve seen plenty of goats, they are very elusive & camera shy. Funny to note though (considering our hatred of sheep), that the tetum word for goat is ‘bibi’ & the tetum word for ‘sheep’ is ‘bibi malae’ … which literarally means ‘foreign goat’ or ‘gringo goat’ since malae is the word used for us white folks.

There’s also lots of roosters & pigs here, here’s some baby pig we met, that’ll have to do for now:

Shaggy black-faced Alpine sheep


Normally we are not too keen on sheep, but these Swiss ones we ran into in the Alps in the shadow of the Matterhorn (a stone’s throw from the goats who lick dams) were alright for sheep.

Stupid Sheep


If you hate sheep as much as we do then you’ll think this is hilarious.

You won’t find goats this dumb that’s for sure.