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Millennium Malawian Goat


We saw quite a few fine specimens on our recent trip to Malawi, including this handsome fellow:

Malawian Goat

He was hanging out near the maize storage facility in the Millennium Village of Mwandama. I blogged about that here, though it might appear my goat fetish is being replaced by simians.

We were also in the Millennium Village of Gumulira, where select households were given goats to try to recruit them to be goat lovers. I blogged about that here, including video footage of baby goats bonking heads under hanging tobacco.

On the homefront, no update on our own goat situation. We were thinking of moving to a friend’s house on the outskirts of Nairobi because they have goats, but a few nights ago they were violently burgularized, so now we’re thinking otherwise. Until that time comes, we’ll live out our goat dreams vicariously through others.

Oh, I did add some goat manure to our garden this morning, if that counts for anything?

Malawian Goat Owner


Jess and I have been traveling through Tanzania and Malawi and have seen lots of goats. I haven’t posted any so far, suffice to say the woman on the right in this photo is the proud owner of a goat that was kicking and bleating from beneath from the seat.

We visited some goat farmers in Malawi though, so hopefully I’ll have some pics of real goats to post once I catch up with blogging on And we might even be living with some goats soon, so keep the faith!