The Final Countdown

I’ve been blogging about our final days in New York City here. One week left!

3 Responses to “The Final Countdown”


    The best part of my day – reading of your mega adventure, seeing pictures of you two, seeing your tatoo, eating with you, grinning over your comments, feeling like we were with you at going away party in CP, knowing that feeling of the last days when the city does look so different to you. Yes, you are rock stars my dears. Looking forward to your next posting. Lot’s of love surrounding your journey.

  2. Gambreab Says:

    Thanks for the post

  3. Hannah Says:

    well jimminy – getting caught up actually READING 5cense has taken us this many months, because of life being a bastard! But now that we’re getting caught up, we sure are happy to read all the background stuff. This is terrific. We love the final countdown etc. etc. It’s all that much better knowing you guys a little now. James says hello, but actually we’re terribly sorry you lost all your bags. Will be in touch properly soon.
    very best wishes –
    H & J

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