Goatly Liquidation Part 2: Fondue Pot Belly Trimmer and more


The saga continues… we’ve got ridden rid of quite a bit of stuff and lowered prices from our previous Goat Rodeo sale, and we dug deeper into our closets and shelves to find more junk. Even those great books that you want to keep, what’s the point unless it’s a reference book or first edition? All this stuff is better off passed along and being used than rusting away in a storage unit in Tijeras, New Mexico. So here’s some more stuff to add to the our-nyc-lives-for-sale-so-we-can-start-a-new-one-in-Africa sale…

31. Cuisinart fondue set, $30. We’ll send you some goat cheese from our pending Kenyan goat named Sancho to try goat cheese fondue if you buy it:

Fondue set

32. Creme Brulee Torch, $10. (You can use it for more than creme brulee, I’m sure it would be a great implement of torture…). And we’ll vouch that it’s great for roasting poblanos.

Creme Brulee torch

33. “Premium” books, the ones we dug deeper for and are keen to get rid of only for a good price ($3-$5, with postage if applicable): [NOTE: MOST OF THESE ARE GONE]


There’s more I didn’t get in the picture like Yannick Murphy (Here they Come), William Saroyan (… Trapeze), Robert Penrose (Emperor’s New Mind), James Joyce (Dubliners), John Kennedy Toole (Confederacy of Dunces), etc. Funny thing is we had the books stacked against the wall and heard a crash in the middle of last night. I came out to see what happened and the books were all over the floor, and OBERIU was an absurd distance away from the others, like 20 feet, that defied physics..

34. For all of you itching to start a small press, this Belly Trimmer is a key ingredient. I’m not sure belly trimmer is the right word for it, but that’s what I call it. It’s a fancy paper cutter (guillotine style, not swing arm) I use to crop the edges of chapbooks, or any stacks of paper you want to cut/crop. They are not easy to come by. By me selling it means I will never make another chapbook again, which is about as liberating as off-loading this unwieldly beast. Am I doing a good job of selling it? It’s yours for $100:

Belly Trimmer

35. Is it taboo to sell a used Cuisinart? We didn’t do anything too kinky with it, just a lot of tomatillo salsa. $20. Suckers are expensive new.


36. Nifty little shallow shelf I forgot about first time around, $20. Q-tips and Tampax not included.

37. Weber BBQ. $20 with lighter fluid and charcoal and whatever monkfish remnants are clinging to the grill.

38. Mixer. $10. Might not be as cool-looking as the cover of Gary Lutz’ Stories in the Worst Way, which will soon be in the Calamari Press catalog, but electric is a bit more practical:

39. Knives! Make us an offer.


40. Okay, this is where things start to get rather granular and random and you’re best off just coming to our sidewalk sale on July 5th (15 W. 74th Street, 9 am to 6 PM) to rummage real-world like. But here’s some of the assorted items for sale at the risk of being expository (yes, that’s a soldering iron in the first picture, used to solder BC/AD).

Everything must go! If we could sell the kitchen sink we would!

Contact us by email or 917.306.8259 to arrange to come by to check out/pick up, or to have stuff shipped, etc. or wait til the sidewalk sale on July 5th if you want to risk coveted items disappearing before then.

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