Ghost-town Goats


Some goats (+ other animals) hanging out in the ghost town of Craco, Basilicata, Italy.

Shaker Goats in Berkshires


some goats we encountered in Massachusetts:

Carl Sandberg’s goats


Drove thru Shenandoah’s + Blueridge mtns + saw some goats, including some @ Carl Sandberg’s house… we’d include a video but WordPress is lame + wants us to upgrade to do such things, so here’s the blogpost on 5cense:

ever-elusive Sardinian goats


we saw a lot of goats in Sardinia but like when we were here 10 yrs before they were usually hiding in bushes + we couldn’t get many get shots of them, tho we did see these wild horses:

2 old goats in Amalfi


1st goat we’ve met since the pandemic:

Black Hills Goat


Been so long since we’ve logged on here couldn’t remember how to sign in… obviously we haven’t seen a lot of goats lately during this global pandemic but we’re transcribing our journals from 1994 + here’s a handsome speciment (a Rocky Mountain Goat?) we saw when we summered in the Black Hills.

Retroactive Mexican ’80s Goat


Found a stash of negatives we hadn’t developed from the ’80s including this fine goat on the shores of Lake Chapala:

Hague Goat


Biking, of course, through the Hague, we came upon this little creature.

Celto-Iberian Goats near Cabo de Gata, Spain


Termini Goat


Forgive us goat, it has been a year since our last post. We moved back to Rome at the beginning of this year + have not seen many goats, except some in Lazio we couldn’t get good pics of + this priestly one near Termini, that we saw as we were roaming the rione of Esquilino.