Black Hills Goat


Been so long since we’ve logged on here couldn’t remember how to sign in… obviously we haven’t seen a lot of goats lately during this global pandemic but we’re transcribing our journals from 1994 + here’s a handsome speciment (a Rocky Mountain Goat?) we saw when we summered in the Black Hills.

Retroactive Mexican ’80s Goat


Found a stash of negatives we hadn’t developed from the ’80s including this fine goat on the shores of Lake Chapala:

Hague Goat


Biking, of course, through the Hague, we came upon this little creature.

Celto-Iberian Goats near Cabo de Gata, Spain


Termini Goat


Forgive us goat, it has been a year since our last post. We moved back to Rome at the beginning of this year + have not seen many goats, except some in Lazio we couldn’t get good pics of + this priestly one near Termini, that we saw as we were roaming the rione of Esquilino.


Bighorn Sheep in the Valley of Fire


Haven’t seen many goats lately, but did spot these bighorn sheep just outside of Vegas.



Gotu goat girl


Somali goatherder we came across herding her goats into Magado crater.


Isiolo Goats


Goats in the livestock market in Isiolo, Kenya:


Lithuanian queens + Bagan flocking behavior


Forgive us for we haven’t posted here in a while … we’ve only seen goats from moving trains or cars lately, none up close and personal. A few weeks ago in Burma, we observed goat flocking behavior from high up on a tower in Bagan:


And in other news, Demyte won the Lithuanian goat beauty pageant.

We’re traveling the countryside of France these next few weeks so espérons que nous allons rencontrer plus de chèvres…

Everything but the goat


We’ve encountered goats lately, just terrible at updating this. In the meantime here’s some cows, sheep + wild pigs we saw in the Alps.